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VISION - 2025

At present, SSVM School is in robust health, with its largest-ever roll, and buoyed up by

excellent examination results. We feel therefore, that this is an ideal time to plan and invest

confidently for the future. 


We believe that the future growth of our society will fully depend on advanced education,

where boys and girls should learn together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. 


SSVM School, one of the country’s leading schools, has launched an ambitious development

plan to maintain and improve the school’s reputation by 2025. 


The plan has four core elements: a move to become fully co-educational model school from

June 2022; the reinforcement and enhancement of the school’s academic record;

the upgradation of the institution to a higher education hub; and a multi-million investment

for overall development.


The 'Vision 2025' development plan, led by the Chairman, Aniyan Sasthaparampil, and

involved one of the most extensive independent research studies ever undertaken by the

school. The plan has been presented and has received the unanimous support of Board of

Directors at their September-2019 meeting. 


A ‘Vision 2025 - Implementation Committee’ will now consult on the detail, before reporting

back to the Board of Directors at their meeting in November. 


Commenting on the Vision 2025 plan, Chairman, Mr Aniyan Sasthaparampil, said:


"This is an exciting, ambitious but achievable plan for the school’s future, designed to ensure we retain our position as one of the country’s foremost independent schools.” “The plan builds on the school’s traditions and ethos, which have evolved since our 

inception in 2002, and places these in the context of the increasingly competitive and challenging world for which we need to equip our pupils, by providing them with best possible ‘all round’ educational growth".


To turn the 2025 development plan into reality, the school is planning to implement a multi-million investment program to refurbish existing premises and develop new facilities, with detailed plans due to be unveiled later this year.


The development plan also outlines the ways the school will seek to reinforce and enhance its reputation as an academic boarding and day school. The school has achieved excellent exam results and plans to strengthen its academic rigour, without detracting from the ‘all round’ education at the heart of the school’s philosophy. 


With the cooperation from all our patrons and well wishers, we believe that, SSVM, with its traditional virtues of tolerance and a commitment to fair play, in addition to its magnificent site, will quickly establish itself as an educational hub amongst the leading  institutions in the country. 

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