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At Play


We are passionate about sport. We are firm in our belief that sport is part of a balanced education and therefore encourage every student to participate at the level which suits him or her.


Games at SSVM are played with much enthusiasm and passion. There is emphasis on regular exercise and physical fitness. All games are supervised by masters. Team spirit

and the desire to give the best possible performance are our 'manthra'.


Well trained coaches come to the school to coach the pupil, and the last years has witnessed a tremendous improvement in the techniques and performance of our students.


Cricket, Football are seasonal sports. Badminton, basketball, hand ball, swimming and athletics are also built into the calendar. The students who are selected for the School team represent the school at various meets, CBSE Sahodayameets, invitational competitions held in various schools, District, State levels (if selected). The school team also occasionally tours  to play friendly matches and gain valuable experience and exposure. 


10 SEP

4:30 pm - Girls Badminton @Home

18 SEP

6:30 pm - Boys Cricket


4:00 pm - Boys Football


20 SEP







Extra Curricular Activities

At SSVM School, our students learn very early to focus, prioritize and effectively juggle preparations for their upcoming class tests, train for various games, and allocate time for the quiz competition they have registered for, as well as practise the violin for the music competition!

Our students take pride in a job well done, however small it may be. The school provides a wealth of opportunities for extracurricular activities. Students find their niche and at the same time enjoy exploring uncharted domains. In the process, without being them aware of it, a different aspect of their personality emerges and is honed.



Our multidisciplinary curriculum and educational philosophy demands field visits to India's landscape, flora and fauna to provide unmatched opportunities for growth, which are vital to the overall development of our children. 


Educational and adventure camps are part of the annual calendar and students go to discover, understand and bond with nature. This strengthens the bonds of interdependence and helps our students understand and value natural resources. It also teaches them leadership, flexibility and preservation. School staff and travel experts plan the trips and also accompany the students who are taken to suitable and age appropriate places of interest.


Day picnics are regularly organised to break the mundane school routine so students have something exciting to look forward to.

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