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At SSVM School, the daily administration of affairs is viewed in a different angle in such a way that weherever possible, the participation our students are made available so that a leadership quality is developed among the children.


Outside the classroom, teachers adopt the role of a guide, mentor. The school has a unique system of self governance through various committees such as the school council, the discipline committee, the games committee and the technology council.


Discipline and 'getting the job done' is left to the students. The Prefects and the various Games' Captains are given responsibility and a reasonable degree of authority to function effectively.


Each house has a House Captain and a couple of Prefects while a separate Games Captain is appointed for each sport. Overall responsibility resides with the School Captain. A quaint aspect of the functioning of this system is often seen during break-time when a Prefect gives one of the student a 'change-in-break,' which is a minor punitive measure for a misbehaviour. 




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