Sports is an integral part of the school day and the pupils look forward to this time when they can be with friends and have fun, as well as learn about fair play, sharing sportsmanship and team spirit.


We have a variety of sports activities so that students from all age groups can enjoy, participate and keep fit. We have outstanding coaches who train the students on how to beat the opposition with skill and good sportsmanship. Inter-House and Inter-School matches are a common feature in our school. Many of our students and teams excel in sports at the Sahodaya level sports meet.


Sport facilities at SSVM include:


  • Athletics

  • Football

  • Cricket

  • Badminton

  • Volleyball

  • Carrom

  • Chess

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10 SEP

4:30 pm - Girls Badminton @Home

18 SEP

6:30 pm - Boys Cricket


4:00 pm - Boys Football


20 SEP



At SSVM we take swimming not as a mere sports activity, but we understand the importance of it as a life saving skill everybody should learn.


There is exclusive swimming lessons for all pupil, who are physically fit for the same. We implement this as a certified course from the Directorate of Sports and Youth affairs in association with Higher Secondary School Muthukulam.




We treat games and other sports activities as a part and parcel of curriculum, to relieve our children from the stress of studies, to entertain them to refresh their minds, to motivate them to aim hgh.


We have got excellent outdoor facilities for different types of games. Our children used to enjoy their time in Cricket, Badminton, Foot Ball, Carrom, Chess etc.



At SSVM, we recommend all the parents to join their children in Karate class not only as a self defence art but to enhance their confidence and concentration to the next level.


While our pupil enjoy their time with Karate masters learning new skills in self defence, they are developing themselves Discipline, Self Respect and Respect for Others.