SSVM School has a comprehensive approach with regard to its codes and policies, which incorporates all aspects of school life, for Students, Parents and Staff.


The school has over 15 policies on all aspect of school life, which include:


  • Admissions

  • Mobile Phones

  • IT

  • Smart Class

  • Outings

  • Medical

  • Academics

  • Co-curricular


These policies are described in detail in the Student Hand Book.

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SSVM is a completely secular school. We accord equal respect to all religion and faith and celebrate all major festivals.


Morning assembly includes prayers, news, and a thought for the day.


Children are given love and affection and their individuality is recognized and respected throughout their campus life. However, bullying, intimidation, abuse or physical violence by students or staff is not tolerated.


Indiscipline of any kind is corrected without humiliating the child. Corporal punishments of any kind is never employed in our school. In extreme cases the school may be forced to expel a student. In this case, the decision of the Management will be final.


The year is divided into two terms of five months each start-June to end-October and start-November to end- March. Final exams are held in March and students go up a class in the first week of April. Summer vacations are from end-March to end- May. There is a parent- teacher meet at the end of each term. We have a cultural programme in August and sports day in October.


Items like Mobile phone, Data storage devices, Jewellery, Watches, Cameras and Electronic games, are not permitted inside the campus. Students (and their parents, relatives or friends) are not permitted to give gifts of any sort to any member of staff.

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