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Personalised Attention & Care



The renowed SSVM approach of personalised care for each child benefits the students in building confidence in their teachers and friends and complements in reducing their learning curve.


All our staff are well versed witht the SSVM style of Personalised attention and are vigilent in routine check on students on:

  • Individualal Care

  • Habit formation

  • Behavioural problems

  • Building Self Confidence

  • Building Self Respect

  • Neatness

  • Politeness

  • Dress Sense



03 NOV
07 NOV

9:30 am - 3:30 pm Inhouse Medical Checkup

20 NOV

2:30 pm - Councelling for Parents

10:30 am - Councelling for Students

27 NOV
Medical checkup


At SSVM once in a year inhouse Medical Checkup for each student is a compulsary activity.  


Other than this, medical attention if required,  to each student is always open and are taken care by the school as and when required.




Giving councelling to Students for reducing their anxiety is a normal process in SSVM.


Other than this we conduct workshops for Parents to better understand the feelings of their children and to guide them properly in achiving their goals.



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