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SSVM treats parents as partners in the education of their children. Only when both the school and parents work in tandem can make the learning pleasurable and routine.


We keeps parents aware of all the happenings in the school through student handbook and monthly news letters. We are in the process of implementing an online school management system through which regular SMS and e-mail alerts shall be initiated to update the parent's on the current activities.


The SSVM School Parents' Association (SSPA) plays a key role in school life for all parents.

The association's core purpose is to offer a range of social events throughout the year, which enable parents and staff to mix in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, and in so doing strengthen relationships and add to the vibrancy of the overall SSVM School experience.  


It is a not-for-profit organisation and that seeks only to cover costs; any profits made are donated to nominated school charities. The SSPA events are generally held at end of terms.


Parents of Old SRCSians and prospective parents are also welcome at any of the SSPA events.

The committee is always keen to welcome new members. We very much hope new volunteers will continue to make the SSPA a genuinely useful and relevant group for both present and future members of the SSVM School community.


The president of the present SSPA is Mr. Jobi with 8 executive committee members.





Unnikrishnan .S.



S.S.V.M Residential Central School,

Muthukulam South P.O.

Alappuzha District

Kerala, India - 690506


+91- 479 - 247 - 4923  

+91- 479 - 247 - 5848

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