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Welcome to SSVM Residential Central School.
Here we don't just teach your child to absorb knowledge, but to have the confidence to adapt, to follow Indian values, to identify their own path, to reach higher, to lead others in the right direction and to mould themselves as the right citizens of India.


What do we expect our children to be when they grow up?


When we bring children to this world, we have our responsibility to teach them to be kind and understanding; to be responsible, confident, brave and bold; to know when to lead and when to work with others; to aim high but show modesty, integrity and respect. 


We also have a responsibility to give them opportunities. These opportunities are unlocked through providing the best possible education in the best possible school. A school with a challenging and rigorous academic environment and at the same time stresses personal qualities. A school in which students are able to develop the tools that will serve them in their later life.We want them to make their mark on the world, and we want them to help make it better.


At SSVM Residential Central School, we believe that the school can play a crucial role in helping both the dreams of the parents and students become a reality. We have built on an English curriculum which is respected across the world. We enable students to apply what they learn to a changing world full of possibilities. We will help your child to flourish. Our students benefit from an environment that helps them to pursue their ambitions, whatever they may be.


While education is the cornerstone of our work, we also recognise the importance of respect, manners and good character. Along with strong academic credentials the ability to move confidently and with grace in all situations is a skill that will serve our students for their entire lives. You've come a long way to get here, and you want a safe, supportive and happy school for your child to learn and grow. We pride ourselves in creating an environment that is tailored to your child and their needs. Our highly-qualified teachers will teach them what they need to know, and inspire them to search and strive for more.


Let your children build their dreams with us, and we can empower them to thrive.

I look forward to meeting you soon.




​Dr. Shilpa Prakash



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Mon-Fri 9am - 4pm


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