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Head of School's Welcome,


S.S.V.M Residential Central School is not just a school, but a training ground for life. The child learns the first values of love, trust, truth from parents and later realizes the values of courage, ambition and discrimination from larger society, at school. In this process the opposites - like light and darkness can never coexist. Where there is security - there is no challenge; where there is comfort - there is no perseverance; where there is freedom - there is no discipline. Where loving parents enforces discipline, the child is confused or may even rebel. That was why 'Social Learning' or education was always away from homes, amidst peer groups - at Gurukuls or Public Schools.


Nature itself illustrates this need through birds and animals which push their young ones out of their nest or cave or fend for themselves. Behavioural scientists advocate this method for individuals to achieve complete emotional balance, self reliance, self confidence and an integrated personality. We aim to handhold all our students to achieve their full potential, academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually so as to enable them to face LIFE successfully.


This school has been established on this foundation to prepare the child for LIFE. We have envisaged this as a perfect blend of Modern Public School with latest I.T infrastructure along with the Tradition of Indian Gurukul System to develop the future citizen through a well disciplined, happy way.


As a result of these continuous efforts, we could generate 100% results through out the past years where the bottom line never falls below 70%.


Sincerely, ​


Aniyan .S.K.



+91 - 479 - 247 - 4923

Our Philosophy

SSVM Residential Central School exists to build a future generation with Leadership skills, Self Motivation, Discipline through 'Social Lerning' in a happy,  serene & stimulating atmosphere so that they may achieve their full human potential.


Our History

S.S.V.M Residential Central School is the brain child of late Sasthaparampil V. Sankarankutty, a great visionary, social reformer and political activist, who found this institution in the fond memory of his father Sasthaparampil S. Veluthakunju.

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